Terms of Service

Artwork Policy

• Art files should be vectored with all fonts outlined. Acceptable file types are .ai, .eps, and .pdf. Just because a file is saved as one of the aforementioned file types does not necessarily mean that it is vectored or that the fonts are outlined. After receiving your file we can let you know whether it is vectored with the fonts outlined.

• If your art is not vectored, we can offer you this service for below the market price. If you have a simple, high quality rasterized image (.jpeg, .png) we can vector this for you for a $10 graphic design charge. More complex graphics, or low quality rasterized images will incur a $25 graphic design charge.

• If you need to create a logo from scratch or alter an existing logo we can quote you for this service on a case by case basis.


Payment Policy

• Acceptable payment methods include: credit/debit card, company check, wire transfer, cash, and PayPal. Other payment methods must be discussed prior to placing your order.

• We require 100% payment before commencing production of your order unless net terms have been agreed upon. Production time (turnaround time) begins only after the invoice has been paid and the pre-production proof has been approved in writing.

• If you are interested in discussing net terms please fill out the “Credit Application” form located here, and send it to info@jmalexander.com.


Sample Policy

• We are happy to send you blank or random printed samples of products you are interested in.

• We will split the cost of samples with you. For samples that cost under $10, we will cover the cost of the sample, and ask that you cover the shipping costs. These costs will be given to you before the product is shipped.

• For samples that cost $10 or more we ask that you cover the cost of the sample and we will cover the shipping costs (with some exceptions). This sample cost can be subtracted from your invoice if you decide to place a bulk order.

• Custom manufactured or custom printed samples will be quoted on a case by case basis. After discussing the details of your project, we will send you a customized sample quote.

• There are exceptions to the policies outlined in this section which include but are not limited to: the number of unique samples requested, the shipping destination, the manufacturing location of the sample(s), etc…


Turnaround Time

• Our typical turnaround time is 10-12 business days for production and delivery to destinations within the continental United States. However, there are many variables which influence this estimation in either direction which can include, but are not limited to: quantity ordered, inventory, order complexity, product diversity, delivery location, time of year, etc…

• If you have a firm in-hands date it is crucial that you inform us of this before placing your order so we can further research any potential delays and formally commit to a delivery date in writing. We cannot be held responsible for delays due to unforeseeable events such as natural disasters, etc…

• For international shipments, custom-manufactured products, products manufactured overseas to order, large quantity orders, orders utilizing a freight-forwarder service, etc… we will discuss a delivery date/window before beginning production.


What if there is a problem with your order?

• We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we strive to do everything possible to make sure you are happy with your orders. Before beginning the production phase, we require you to approve our detailed INVOICE and VIRTUAL PROOF. This level of detail and verification minimizes potential miscommunication, and ensures that all parties are seeing the same production specifications.

• We cannot be held responsible for oversights when approving the INVOICE and/or the VIRTUAL PROOF.

• If you feel there are quality issues with the product or the print job that you have received please express these to us in writing, making sure to include photos of the issues that are being described. We will do our best to rectify any mistake in the manufacture or printing process, according to industry standards.

• We cannot be held responsible if less than 2% of product is flawed or blemished, as these are industry standards for custom printing and manufacturing.

• As stated on the VIRTUAL PROOF document, the images contained within it are estimations. Exact print sizes are listed in the print description section of that document, and in some cases these prints can appear differently than they are visually portrayed due to product size variations (i.e. the size of a 10” wide print will look different on a S and XXL sized shirt) and estimated placement when creating the mock-ups. If you need exact logo placement (i.e. back print should be exactly 3” below the neck hem) this must be explicitly specified in writing. Also, different computer monitors and printers will display/print colors differently which can sometimes appear differently than the final printed product. We use the PANTONE color system when printing, and we will indicate the PANTONE colors that we will use to print on the VIRTUAL PROOF. It is your responsibility to verify these colors before approving the VIRTUAL PROOF.

• Production time begins after the INVOICE has been paid (or other arrangements have been made and confirmed in writing) and after the VIRTUAL PROOF has been approved in writing. We are unable to begin production until we have received approval of both of these documents.

• We cannot be held responsible for delays that are due to unforeseeable and/or unpreventable circumstances such as natural disasters or national emergencies, etc…